giromail - The Mailing Company

giromail GmbH is the reliable partner on the expanding market for personalized Mailings . The enterprise can fall back to the experience of many years of the established company Giro Com in the multi-clearing jerk and concentrates fully and completely on the production of Advertising and Data   Mailings.
giromail dedicates itself as your Mailing partner to the following tasks:
  • Individual and competent consulting regarding your Mailing Actions
  • Design , graphics, layout and set of the Mailings
  • Manufacturing of Data and Advertising Mailings (Printing and Lettershop)
  • Online Mailing services under
From the data record to the mail box, only 1 process is needed for the whole production of the entire Mailings. Without intermediate steps the supplements will be printed (offset  and digital), personalized, folded and put into the envelope.
The high capacity of the production line, which produces up to 20.000 copies per hour, lowers your costs enormously and guarantees at the same time short production times.
From this result the low price of our products, the unsurpassed flexibility of our production line and the high speed in the handling of order.
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